About Us
Brief about Al Amer for General Contracting
... Al Amer General Contracting Company was established in 2010
(1) Special Department for General Contracting
(2) Special Department for cleaning works
(3) Special Department for agricultural projects
(4) Public supplies Department
The company has allocated administrative structures for each department on its own and assigned trainee workers and administrative supervision for the implementation of the highest standards and quality systems in performing the tasks and upgrading the level of service that is provided and reaching them to the best of customer satisfaction

Our vision
Al Amer Company is one of the most distinguished companies in the service of general contracting and works of building maintenance, especially in the clear competitive environment in the markets. Because we have the engineering management, the technical supervision and the highly skilled technical workers, our works become distinctive. It is what we aim to restore the trust and confidence that currently are lost between the client and craftsmen due to over-pricing and the ambiguity of prices and implementation.

Our goal
The company aims to interact with its customers and provide the best possible service and to meet the demands and needs of the client in the fastest time and 24 hours
Our clients