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التوريدات العموميه
- Al Amer Company supplies its customers with what they request. We supply raw materials and supply the requirements of the customers buffet, as well as cleaning and agricultural supplies. Supplying all necessary electrical & mechanical equipment.- We distinguished by providing all industrial safety supplies "Safety shoes, fire extinguishers, safety belts & protective mask & all, safety & occupational safety equipment
- Supplying and installation of Almutal, the apparatus and the mechanical and manual tools, petrochemical materials "LAC - Dkvern - plastic - kimpoxy" and all kinds of wood, appliances household appliances and all kinds of ordinary pipes
- Supply all that related to electric power, such as supplying lighting tools of all kinds and electric wires.
- Supplying all electrical tools & supplies, supplying electric insulators, contactors, supplying transformers, generators & supply of electrical cables & UPS.
- Supplying all types of air conditioners such as: central air conditioning, office & commercial air conditioning and supplying air conditioning spare parts.
- Supplying all types of office furniture, supplying all electrical appliances & supplying all kinds of plastic & its products such as linoleum & plastic bottles, plastic tanks (drinking water & chemicals).
- Supplying all kinds of office supplies for companies such as: (writing tools, photocopiers, books, calculators, photocopiers, typewriters and its maintenance & spare parts, engineering tools .....)
- Supplying all printing supplies and presses such as: Inks - Solutions & Detergents - Printing plates - Nails, pens ... etc
-Supplying of tools and glassware and also wooden crafts
- Supplying all kinds of electronic devices (mobile phone devices and its derivatives, computers, laptops & internet services)
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